Hand Made brass products are first made by creating a mold of the object ,usually from aluminum. From that a thin delicate hollow wax mold is made. It can be in sections depending on the complexity of the item. It is carefully carved and shaped ready for the sand casting. This is all done by hand and melts to nothing in the firing process.

The sand casting is done by speciality craftsmen. The cast of the item is unique and once finished must be done again if the product is to be made again. The molds are  left in the sun to dry out ready for the firing process. Simple wood fires, some times gas also, are used in the firing process. Molten brass is poured into the molds.

Brass is composed of copper and zinc, Copper is the main component. The color of brass varies from a dark reddish brown to silvery yellow depending on the amount of zinc present; the more zinc, the lighter the color. Brass is stronger and harder than copper, not as strong or hard as steel.  It is easy to form into various shapes, a good conductor of heat, and generally resistant to corrosion from salt.

Out of the sand cast mold the brass product is very rough, it needs to be filed and sanded to remove the rough edges. This is all done by hand. The product is then sent to the polishing department where it is put on a buffing machine or by hand polished.

Once completed if the customer wants a more antique looking finish it is dipped into a chemical to apply an antique aged patina to the brass.